Product Launch Program

Our new Product Launch Program is broken down into various stages which will take your program from concept to delivery.

Conceptual Design

Concept: Our Marketing Specialists will meet with your staff to either develop your current idea or show you new ideas to suit your packaging needs. Once a concept has been settled upon, our design team will develop this concept into three dimensional drawings and a working model as well as develop new colors. Once a final design is in place our mold design team will design the actual tooling necessary to manufacture your product.

Benefits: Use our innovation to keep you one step ahead of competition. Use our product engineering to ensure a robust package. Use our solid modeling and 3D drawings to convey the idea to everyone in your organization. Take advantage of our custom color development at no additional cost.

Capabilities: Our design team consists of individuals with a lifetime of experience in the cosmetic packaging field. There is nothing related to cosmetic packaging that is beyond our reach including: 3D Drawing, Modeling Shop, and In-House Custom Color Development.

Parts, Tooling Design & Fabrication

Concept: Based on the product's conceptual ideas our Design Engineers will draft all the required plans and submit them to you for a final approval along with a physical model. Next, our tooling engineer will begin designing the tools and our Project Coordinator will begin managing and tracking your project.

Benefits: With physical models, everyone is clear on how the part will look once produced. With the latest CAD/CAM software & overnight toolmaking, we deliver molds fast. A dedicated Project Coordinator oversees every facet of your project and keeps constant communication with you from part design through receipt of production.


  • Models Making: We produce either high quality hand made models or overnight rapid prototyping models.
  • Part Engineering & Design: Dedicated specialists ensure highly functional and attractive products.
  • Allianced Toolmakers: Strategic global partnerships with tool makers leads to better timing and better pricing.

Color & Finish Matching

Concept: We have an in-house Color Matching Laboratory where we formulate colors for both plastic and paint.

Benefits: Match any color with a quick turnaround. Greater accuracy in color matching and greater consistency in color reproduction. Develop your new color in our lab at no cost.


  • Color Inventory: Whether it be plastic color or paint color, we maintain hundreds of different pigments.
  • Color Matching: 25 years experience matching colors gives you fast-reproduceable color matching.
  • Extrusion: We compound our own color concentrates for greater control and fast turnaround.